How to Promote Your Blogs For the Best Results

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How to Promote Your Blogs For the Best Results

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    So, you have started your own blog and are in the sweet phase of developing new content that you are passionate about. Quite exciting, right? Ideating topics, researching them, finding your target audience, and discovering the niche you want to target can be quite an exhilarating and exhausting process.

    But in order to reach the maximum people in your target audience, you also have to lay the groundwork for promoting your blogs to catch the eyes of people. How to promote blogs, and what ways are the most effective? Let us find out.

    Pre-Promotion Checklist

    • High-Quality Content

    In order to generate engagement from readers, it is imperative that you offer them something new, or at the least, something high quality. There are thousands of pages offering similar information on the web that you are probably developing your blog around. To stand out and be noticed by not only the readers, but also the search engines, you must ensure that your content is high-quality, and has an authoritative appeal to the algorithms. 

    Maintaining the right balance of engaging tonality with useful content which has valuable information from reputable sources is the best way to achieve this.

    • Your Blog Should be Searchable

    Another key factor in ensuring your blog is discovered is how searchable it is. Optimize your blog in order to check off the SEO ranking factors which can help you rank high on SERPs. Employing off-page and on-page SEO practices can significantly help you in achieving this.

    Using the right keywords with high search volumes, leveraging long-tail keywords, external linking to reputable sites, and developing good quality metadata for your pages, are just a few methods of optimizing your blog.

    • Use Multimedia

    Using engaging media on your blogs can significantly increase their appeal to the readers. A study found out that over 80% of people remembered what they saw in an image for a long time compared to only 20% of what they read.

    This means that adding visual media to your blogs can improve the users’ retention of information, and make them more memorable. Moreover, it can also assist you in reaching more people with Image Alt text, which can be used to enhance the SEO of your blog.

    • Optimize for SEO – Technical and On-Page

    We mentioned previously that to increase the searchability of your blogs, you need to optimize them for SEO. While it might sound generic and common, optimizing your blogs holds a lot of value in making your blogs accessible and popular.

    Technical SEO can be of great help for bringing in hoards of new readers. In the beginning, you might not have many internal pages for your blogs to interlink, but taking care of the technical aspects of your blog pages can assist you. For instance, optimizing your page for loading speed, refining meta descriptions with powerful keywords, image optimization, and updating metadata of your page can take your blog rankings on SERPs a long way.

    Similarly, on-page SEO is also very important. Having a defined internal structure for your blogs, which also offers links to your other posts organically can help search engine algorithms in crawling and indexing your site much better. Make sure to have relevant suggestions and use anchor texts organically for internal linking, and you will have a good start in optimizing on-page SEO for your blogs.

    • Build a Connection with Your Readers

    While technical factors will always help your blogs in ranking higher, you cannot forget to add a human appeal for the readers. Building a loyal reader-base is the first step, which can provide you with feedback to gain valuable insights about the other side of the table. This can help you in catering to their requirements in your blogs. You can even build off-site relationships with your readers, other blogs, and more. Sharing content from other websites can benefit you in the future in the form of natural backlinks, shares, and much more.

    •  You Can Hire a Freelancer

    Engaging the services of a freelancer can help in building a promotion strategy for your blogs. You can pick the tasks you are efficient in and outsource the rest to a freelancer if you need. 

    Running a blog requires you to handle a lot of things, including strategy building, keyword research, content development, editing, publishing, managing, and much more. Figure out which parts of the process you excel in, and if needed, outsource the rest to a competent freelancer to maintain a healthy work balance.

    How to Promote Your Blogs

    1. Guest Post
    2. Update and Upgrade Content
    3. Post Data-Rich Content
    4. Share Your Blogs on Social Media
    5. Answer Questions on Quora
    6. Influencer Marketing
    7. Email Marketing
    8. Newsletter
    9. LinkedIn Syndication
    10. Collaboration with Other Blogs
    11. Podcast
    12. Events 
    13. Use Captivating Images on Social Media
    14. Always Reply to Your Audience
    15. Publish Your Post at the Right Time
    • Guest Post

    Guest posts are a great starting point to promoting your blogs. While many industry experts believe that it is very hard to bring readers to your website from guest posts, you can get around this in creative ways.

    For instance, you can have guest post bonuses, which will entice readers into visiting your website. These can be offers, valuable related articles, author bio links, and much more. This can even help you increase your newsletter subscribers since the visitors are coming to your website out of genuine interest created by your guest post.

    • Update and Upgrade Content

    Readers hate outdated information. It is imperative that you periodically update your blogs for information to ensure that none of it is outdated. You can even upgrade your blogs from short-form to long-form if you see a rising trend in the topic that you have already written about. This can help you in improving your SERP rankings, since updating content and making it more authoritative is one of the many ranking factors of Google.

    • Post Data-Rich Content

    Posting data-driven content can bring along many benefits for your blog. For instance, if your pillar page blog gains online traction and contains valuable data, it can generate natural backlinks from reputable sites. Moreover, it can also help your site’s DA (Domain Authority) score to go up.

    Data-rich content is a valuable thing in the eyes of search engine algorithms as well. The more valuable data you have in your blogs, the better signal it will send to the algorithms about the authenticity of your content. While it might sound like a big task, it ultimately pays off.

    • Share Your Blogs on Social Media

    If you already have a good following on your social media channels and have built a good community of readers and collaborators, social media channels can prove to be one of the greatest sources of traffic for your blog.

    Ensure that your posts are catchy, and entice the viewer to click the link and check your blog out. If they are engaging enough, you might even get a few shares out of them from your followers and gain new readers.

    • Answer Questions on Quora

    Quora is a great platform for generating engagement and gaining readers. As a blogger, you should regularly visit Quora and check for questions in your niche to answer. Make sure to not make your answers spammy, and aim to genuinely help people out with your answers.

    This will do two things – it will help users and encourage them to follow your account, where you can put your blog’s link. This will generate a good amount of organic traffic and will get you, new visitors, on your site.

    • Influencer Marketing

    Influencer marketing can do wonders for your traffic as well. Connecting and asking influencers, who have a big audience, to share or promote your blogs is a form of content marketing.

    Another way to approach this is by including relevant and important links to an influencer’s posts within your blog to let them know that you value and respect their content. If they find your blog to be of good quality and fulfilling the needs of the users, they will most likely share it with their humongous audience. This will bring an untapped audience to your blog with the potential of becoming loyal readers.

    • Email Marketing

    Email marketing remains at the top for generating the best organic traffic for sites, and one of the most cost-efficient marketing techniques. Email marketing has been observed to offer a staggering ROI of 4200% on average.

    Create a list of all your subscribers and ask them to read your new blogs in an interesting way. Use links to your blogs in either the body or your email signature. You can even expand your list by asking your friends or good connections in your niche to share their lists as well, which can bring in new readers to your site.

    • Newsletter

    Newsletters are a great medium to keep your subscribers and loyal readers in the loop about what you are doing. New blogs, news, interesting events you might be organizing, or something else, newsletters keep the engagement alive with your audience.

    Make sure to keep the newsletters engaging, simple, and direct. This will help the receivers in consuming all they need to know in the shortest amount of time, encouraging them to check out your new posts or visit your site.

    • LinkedIn Syndication

    LinkedIn has an active user base of over 750 million people. This platform can prove to be a goldmine for bloggers looking to generate a following for their blogs and also get engaging content out.

    You can repost some of your best works on LinkedIn word-by-word, and generate good engagement from it. If it stands out and gets noticed by influencers on your platform, it can even be shared by them which can generate major traffic for your site.

    • Collaboration with Other Blogs

    Collaboration with other established blog sites can bring fruitful results for both. There are many ways in which you can collaborate with other sites. For instance, you can create engaging infographics for them and share data in the same niche to make the collaboration even stronger.

    This can prove to be beneficial for your site as you gain backlinks on an already established site, and also gain valuable insights about your niche which you can use in developing new data-driven blogs. It is a win-win method, where both parties benefit from the collaboration.

    • Podcast

    You can make your blogs stand out by incorporating podcasts into them as well. Embedding an audio-only podcast for your blog post can make it very engaging, and gain you even more visitors on your site, as well as other channels. For instance, you can embed an audio-only YouTube link of a podcast relevant to the topic or the subject into your blog post.

    There are many tools out there to do this, like Blubrry PowerPress, Stitcher, iTunes, and much more.

    • Events 

    Attending big and small events in your niche might sound like a weird idea, but it offers more benefits than you think. Will attending or speaking in an event immediately grow your number of visitors on the site? Most likely not. However, events are where the most relevant personalities from the industry gather, which offers a great opportunity to make new and powerful connections.

    Mingling with different businesses in your niche, blog owners, and even ardent readers can prove to be a great asset for help and resources in the future. 

    • Use Captivating Images on Social Media

    As we previously discussed, visual media makes a significant impact in the minds of readers in retaining important information. Since we have already discussed why you should use social media channels to promote your blogs, let us now focus on how.

    Just presenting a link to your blog with a brief text might not urge the readers to click on it. However, using a creative image or GIF related to your topic or the subject of the topic can make an immediate impression in the mind of the viewer and encourage them to visit your blog.

    • Always Reply to Your Audience

    When one talks about engaging their audience, it should never be one-sided. People nowadays expect brands and businesses to engage with them directly for their queries, complaints, suggestions, responses, etc. It is imperative as a blog owner to make your readers feel like they are part of a community.

    The comment sections on blogs should always be regularly checked and replied to by the blog owner. This establishes trust, and also creates a healthy and communicative environment that holds a lot of value in creating a positive brand image.

    • Publish Your Post at the Right Time

    This is the part where experimentation comes in. You have to figure out what time or days of posting are generating the most traffic or engagement amongst your audience. The right time to post can be different for every blog. Experiment with the different times and days of the week, and keep an eye on which ones are working out the best for you. It can prove to be a key to your blog’s success. Moreover, it can also help you in understanding the dynamics of your target audience, which can even help you further in your marketing campaigns.

    Time to Make the Best Out of Your Blog

    It is important to be grounded and remember that blog promotion does not generate results overnight. You want to lay a very strong foundation for your blog and its promotion in order to generate successful results that stay strong for the long run. Use these tips and it will help you pave the way to creating an impactful promotion plan for your blog.

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    How to Promote Your Blogs For the Best Results